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We offer our skaters the BEST technology


No more special trips to have your skates sharpened...
No need to rush before a game or practice to have your skates sharpened...
Simply drop off your skates at the Pro Shop after your practice or game

We will tag them and have them ready for you the next time you come in!

Our staff recently received advanced training on the Maximum Edge skate sharpening system. This system is used by over 30 NHL teams and most Division 1 programs. Ron Cummings is our in-house expert and will be happy to answer any questions. He will oversee our staff and make sure that they are following the Maximum Edge program in order to maintain the highest-quality and consistency.


What is a Profile?

A blade profile is the shape of the entire blade - end to end. A skater’s center of gravity is determined by the blade-to-ice contact surfaces, known as blade profile.


Profiling is the matching of skate blades to each other and to the skater. Finding the correct radius for the skater gives them the choice between more bite on take off vs. more glide at top end.


Radius depends on the skater, the skate and the ice conditions but is crucial for maintaining confidence, control, and injury prevention.

How Often Do I Profile?

Maximum Edge® recommends profiling all skates once a year.


They also recommend profile maintenance be done every 10 to 12 sharpenings to maximize control and performance.


Be sure to stop-in to our Pro Shop for profile maintenance, which consists of checking your blades for consistency and correcting any differences.


Here at Pilgrim, we offer every radius available with our profiling. Consult our trained/certified technicians to find out which profile may work best for you.

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