Summer Programs

at 'The Rink That Teaches'

Summer is the time to learn, improve skills and grow as a skater. 'The Rink That Teaches' offers summer programs for all levels:

Programs to Teach New Players the Game of Hockey

Programs to Help Current Players Improve Their Skills!

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All ages between 7 and 14.  This is a  1 hr. 45 minutes session split into 3 focus groups: power skating/edges, stick handling/passing, scrimmage/game play.   Full Equipment required.

Ages 6 and under. 50 minutes sessions of drills and scrimmage play. Participants must have basic skating skills and full equipment is required. Skaters will strengthen their edges, improve their stick handling and have fun playing in game situations all summer long.  Full equipment required.

Divided into Mite, Squirt & Pee Wee/Bantam levels, Participants will enjoy lots pf puck touches, fast play and fast thinking on the ice. A fun way to improve your game and become a better skater/hockey player. Full equipment required.

Ages 5, 6, & 7. Full equipment required. A 50 minute session of scrimmage play with emphasis on having fun and creative play. Coaches will provide basic understanding of hockey rules. This compliments the Black & Blue Program.

The clinic will feature a progressive approach to learning the basic fundamentals of body contact and body checking. Players will be taught the skills of body position, angling, taking away time & space, absorbing a check, situational body contact and will be introduced to the concept of delivering proper shoulder and hip checks.

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