Now is the perfect time to zero in your sharpening!

How should YOU get your skates sharpened?

A deep, or aggressive radius of hollow (*) will provide you with tighter stops and turns, but you will work harder in straight line skating and may be slower overall.

A shallow, or less aggressive radius of hollow will yield softer turns and stops, but you will expend less effort skating and will likely achieve better straight line speed due to decreased resistance.


So which is right for me?

There are several factors, your weight, strength and playing style, the position you play, your skate blades profile (#) and the temperature and hardness of the ice.

The smartest way to figure it out is to experiment with different sharpenings. A good rule of thumb is to use the most shallow radius of hollow that gives you acceptable turning and stopping. Most recreational players and a fair amount of higher level skaters are using the wrong sharpening (mostly too deep/ aggressive).

At Pilgrim Skating Arena Pro Shop we can provide you with all sharpening radiuses, including the Blackstone Flat Bottom V. You will be assured of a sharp and level pair of skates to work with as you get dialed in for the coming season.


Our staff has been factory trained and we are proud to have worked with many NHL, AHL and Division 1 college players to help them achieve their potential.

We hope to see you soon!

* The sharpening Radius Of Hollow is the depth between the inside and outside edges of your skate blades. Examples of deeper hollows would be 3/8” through 1/2”. Common shallow hollows are 9/16” through 11/16”. Many NHL players skate on 7/8” and up through 1 ¼ inches.

# The Profile Radius refers to the contour of your skate blade as viewed from the side. More on that in our next article!

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