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UPDATE: 2/5/2021 - We are now implementing a ONE spectator per PLAYER policy. PLEASE do NOT bring siblings. All other COVID protocols are still in place.  Please do not call us to report other parents - speak directly with your program director, as we have no way of identifying which families belong to what players. Thank you for your cooperation and patience while we all do our best to follow State and Hingham Board of Health guidelines. Please see below for COVID protocol.

Please read the detailed guidelines below this message. These times are difficult for everyone and our main priority now is to provide not only a safe facility for the programs who rent ice from us, but also a place where players can get out there and play. Our staff is already stretched thin with added sanitization protocols and, while it is each individual program's responsibility to police their participants, too often we find ourselves having to remind patrons of the COVID rules.


Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of spectators who refused to follow the rules, as well as the large number of calls from parents turning in other parents and/or employees for perceived violations, we were forced to implement a no spectator policy for all ages above Mites. Our time needs to be spent maintaining and sanitizing the rink and too much of it was being spent fielding phone calls from both people complaining about the rules and people complaining about other people not following the rules. 

PLEASE do not enter the facility through the side doors. Wait with your program by the front door until it is your turn to enter. We have spent thousands of dollars replacing magnetic locks on the side doors from people trying to prop them open with metal chairs. The side doors are EXITs only. 

If you need to enter the rink and there is a team blocking the door, please simply say "excuse me" and make your way in. DO NOT attempt to walk on snowbanks to get around the teams. Common sense will prevail.

Also, on advice from counsel, we will not be offering LiveBarn or any other viewing platform at this time. There have been too many reports of other facilities being warned, fined and/or closed due to people taking screen shots of perceived COVID regulation violations and sending them to Boards of Health. In most cases, the facilities were not in the wrong, however, we do not wish to put ourselves in that position. We understand that you want to watch your children play and we regret that we are not able to allow it at this time. 

Finally, if your child or someone in your family is in the high risk category for complications due to COVID, please use common sense and stay at home. As much as we love hockey too, there will be other seasons. 

Everyone is doing their best right now but no one will be perfect. We simply ask for compliance and common sense and hopefully we can be happy knowing that the kids will have a season.

Thank you for you understanding and patience.


11/5/2020 UPDATE:

We plan on re-opening on Saturday, November 7th under a strict new set of COVID guidelines. Please understand that these guidelines are for YOUR safety and have been implemented in accordance with State and Hingham Board of Health.

- The ban on spectators is still in place. Mites and younger are allowed ONE guardian per FAMILY in the rink. Please do not bring siblings to the facility.

- Please refer to previous guidelines for coach limits (4 per team total)

- Facemasks are required at all times for everyone in the rink.

- Everyone entering the rink will be required to provide contact information.

- Please have players come dressed and they will not be allowed to enter the rink until 10 minutes before ice time.

- The rink will close at 9:30 p.m.

COVID-19 PROTOCOL: Together with the Hingham Board of Health, Pilgrim Skating Arena, Inc. will be implementing a temporary No Spectator Policy for all players age Squirt and above. For Mite Age players 1 parent/guardian (no children) per player is permitted. This policy will be strictly enforced. Each team will be allowed 2 coaches and 2 adult team managers (4 adults total) in the building, to monitor the players and ensure they are social distancing and abiding by all guidelines/protocol. Please enter the rink dressed no earlier earlier than 10 minutes before ice time. Everyone entering the rink will be required to provide contact information. Everyone, including players, must wear a mask in the rink. Coaches will implement COVID on-ice guidelines for players.

We will be closely working with and monitoring the Hingham Board of Health guidelines and re-evaluating the spectator policy on a weekly basis. Please understand that our goal is to keep all players, coaches and families safe and to enable the children to continue to play hockey. Additionally, please ensure that all players and coaches are strictly adhering to the State Mandated guidelines. Listed below are some of the guidelines.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding! We will be re-evaluating
the spectator policy weekly.


Players & Coaches:
• On players benches, players must sit in designated marked areas 6 feet apart and wear masks
• Players must always wear face coverings when entering building, in dressing and undressing, on the players bench and when leaving the building. If MA requires on-ice masks, then they must be worn on-ice as well. Please see coaches for guidance.

• Coaches must wear face coverings at all times
• Centers and wingers must wear face covering during faceoffs
• Venues where there are 2 rows, players must evenly divide between front and back benches.
• Venues where extended benches are provided, 4-6 players can use extended area depending on total number of players.
• May not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to faceoff and must leave immediately after end of game (5 minutes)
• All players must remain in skate tying area until the buzzer sounds for them to take the ice for warmups.
• No body checking
• Only 1 player allowed at a time in penalty box

Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension by the Board of Health